The Mediated Spirit

Thbgd_crunched_03e Mediated Spirit was one of the outcomes of The Electronic Culture Research Project, a research and educational project of the Commission for Mission of the Uniting Church in Australia, Victoria. The project was instigated by John Rickard and Peter Horsfield was the Project Researcher and Educator.

The aim of the Project was to help lay people and leaders in churches understand the practical and theological changes taking place in religion and spirituality under the impact of current media developments, to locate them in the perspective of Christianity’s history, and offer some signposts for future directions and possibilities.

The outcomes of the Project were released as a CDRom and are made available here as a website. It contains much of the research undertaken through the Project, including:

  • An introduction to the area
  • Perspectives on media and new media developments
  • Historical perspectives on media and Christianity
  • An analysis of key characteristics of the electronic era
  • Signposts to the future

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