On Religion, Media, and Human Existence

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This website is a collection of forty years of research, writing and speaking in the fascinating field of media and religion. Most of it has been published and is available in books, journals or academic sites, but this site brings it together in one place that is more freely accessible to the general, scholarly or student reader.

Research is an evolutionary process, and the material covers a range of topics in media and religion: perspectives on media and religion, media in the history of Christianity, media and Christian theology and religious broadcasting.

It includes also early writings opening up the issue of sexual abuse by religious leaders in Australia, and more recent writings that look beyond religion to consider the transcendent nature of human existence itself and the need for a secular language to give expression to these dimensions of everyday life.

I hope it’s helpful. If you want to respond to any of the writings, please do so through the Contact page.

Peter Horsfield